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Overt and Covert Investigations
Often a particular matter might require up-front interviews and perhaps the taking of statements or an audio/video recording of the information provided.
Other matters might require information obtained in a covert or pretext manner. In other words, an investigator will approach someone and represent themselves in such a way as to obtain the required information without that person knowing the real reason for the inquiry.
Private matters involving Surveillance
Surveillance matters within a reasonable distance from our investigator's base of operation are charged at $65 / hour (+GST). This incorporates all reasonable travelling charges (including travel time and kilometres), client liaison, telephone calls, photographic evidence (including video), small incidental costs and reporting.
Surveillance conducted between 6.00 pm and 6.00 am, or on public holidays, are charged at $95 / hour (+GST).
Insurance, Corporate Affairs and Workers Compensation
Our fees and charges for insurance / corporate affairs / workers compensation related work vary depending on the particular service required, the location where the work is to be undertaken and the work volume involved. Contact us for further information.
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